Silence equals consent

It’s easy to not get involved.

To think that if you just keep your head down, maybe things won’t be so bad. But silence is consent.

And like these women in Sweden, I can’t keep quiet.

Not while authoritarianism sweeps across the world. Not when what’s happening is far beyond ordinary political debates between liberals and conservatives.

The short guide, INDIVISIBLE, is quite good at what it’s designed to do: give people the tools to pressure their local lawmakers. What’s missing are practical tips on fighting back against brazen lies, a war on truth, censorship and oppression.

Google, “how do you fight propaganda.” There’s very little out there in terms of practical tips.

I have a background in journalism, rhetoric and politics. So I wrote this to give people not just a single tool, but an entire toolbox, wherever you may live.

You can download the first edition of that toolbox on the home page of this site or by clicking here.

Feel free to share, print, steal, translate or suggest improvements to the handbook.

It will always be free.

In return, all I ask is that you don’t keep quiet.